The History of The ROYAL TERRACE

TAG has always been drawn to projects with a strong historical flavour. It is an immense challenge to revive an historic building whose finest days were enjoyed by a previous generation.

The Royal Terrace, (formerly known as 'Newbold Terrace'), presented TAG with such a challenge. Originally conceived in the 1820s, the plan for this imposing terrace was part of a grand vision by architects at the time to transform Leamington into a town that could boast the same level of architectural splendour as other spa towns such as Bath and Harrogate.

Given the lofty ambitions of the Terrace's original architects and with the buildings long having fallen into disrepair, it was clear that TAG had an enormous task on its hands. An integral part of the successful restoration and development of the Terrace was an almost forensic investigation into its history.

This historical detective work proved to be a fascinating journey and has been captured in a book that was specially commissioned by TAG to celebrate the Terrace's "rebirth" in 2011. Special copies of the book were presented to the new owners of the various properties that now make up The Royal Terrace.